Please visit this website for bilingual glossaries for the content areas:

Fifteen Research-based Practices to Increase ELL Student Achievement

Five Stages of Language Acquisition will help classroom teachers understand what speakers of other languages must go through as they learn English in school.

The academic glossary has academic terms with the Spanish equivalent beside each term. This attachment also has helpful websites for parent communication.

Here is a list of great websites to help teachers help their English language learners.

Vocab Rehab is filled with vocabulary strategies and organizers to help with reaching your ESOL students and with teaching complex vocabulary.

Cultural Competency in the Inclusive Classroom is a great reminder of differentiating via a global perspective. Thanks to Ms. Estep for creating this and sharing this with us!

Looking for ways to accommodate your non-English speaking students? Here are simple ways to make that happen in any classroom!

Here is a presentation on creating and using foldables in classrooms.

Reading in reverse is a scaffolding strategy that previews concepts in order to prepare students to mentally organize a forthcoming reading.

Sentence Frames are great to use with ELLs. These are categorized by reading strategy and are arranged from beginner to intermediate.